About DollarHarmony™

Dollar Harmony™, an online financial tracking and monitoring solution design to help you master your money, create financial stability and fiscal freedom. It enables you to create the ultimate Spending Plan designed by best selling author and financial expert as seen on Oprah - Glinda Bridgforth.

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Spending Plans

The Spending Plan is an essential element in getting your money straight and making it grow. With Dollar Harmony™, creating one and staying on track is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Money Tracking

The first step to financial peace is understanding how you spend your money. Our easy-to-use money tracking tools enable you to get a birds-eye view of your spending habits.

Daily Tracking

Keeping up with your daily spending is extremely simple. Our daily monitoring options enable you to track on-the-go and understand your annual spending. .

For Certified Financial Consultants

As we begin to transform lives through financial peace, Dollar Harmony™ currently has openings for independent financial consultants. Here's your opportunity to grow your business working with financial expert and best selling author Glinda Bridgforth and help consumers around the world.

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