Bridgforth Financial & Associates LLC helps you explore the emotional, practical and spiritual aspects of your relationship with money. This holistic approach to money and debt management will help you:

  • Discover how childhood beliefs about money affect your adult spending patterns.
  • Become proactive and anticipate wants and needs using a spending plan.
  • Reduce debt and save money, at the same time, without feeling deprived.
  • Move out of self-limiting beliefs and into behaviors which build confidence, competence, and economic empowerment.
Glinda Bridgforth Speaking

To make long-lasting lifestyle changes, people need consistent encouragement and support. Glinda provides this as she helps you gain insight into your relationship with money and develop new habits to improve your financial security. With Glinda's guidance, you'll develop a personalized action plan to reduce debt and increase savings simultaneously.

Through on-going personal meetings, Glinda helps you address doubts and fears that might otherwise sabotage your success. With new insights, financial tools, and Glinda's support, you'll learn to become a truly effective personal money manager.

Our Process

We address the practical steps of financial management, including balancing a checkbook, developing a spending plan, and analyzing income versus expenses. But we also go deeper. We help our clients overcome their deep-seated barriers to financial health by integrating the emotional, spiritual, cultural, and historical aspects of how we behave with our money.

What to Expect

Our aim is to make the coaching process as supportive and effective as possible. You can expect our coaching process to cover, at minimum, the following:

Acknowledging Fears. With Glinda's guidance, you will determine the top 3-5 issues or concerns you face with your finances. Glinda will ask you questions such as:

  • What are your financial concerns?
  • What are your fears?
  • What patterns have you noticed?
  • What made you reach out for help?

Clients will explore some of the deeper issues of their day-to-day spending habits, looking at the emotional, spiritual, and historical aspects that influence financial health. Recognizing these influences is essential to financial healing. Otherwise, any financial planning will simply be a band-aid approach.

Setting Goals. We will talk about your goals and objectives for the next 12-24 months. Unlike other financial consultants who deal with long-term investment and retirement, Glinda helps you develop day-to-day financial discipline that will lead to longer term financial success.

Coming Clean. Together we lay everything out on the table and take a look at your finances, including your debt summary, interest rates, current and past due accounts. This is about writing down and adding up your debts, coming clean with where you are financially, and getting a large-scale view of the extent of your indebtedness.

Creating a doable plan. Having looked at your current financial situation, we then create a spending plan for the next month with the goal of stabilization. Glinda will show you how to take action today to reach your goals at the end of the month.


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