Bring Glinda’s Financial Strategies to Your Next Event! Glinda is a frequent keynote speaker, seminar facilitator, and conference presenter. Her topics include:

  • The Wake Up Call: Are You Financially Ready for the Unexpected? (Keynote)
  • The Financial Reality Check: A Holistic Approach for Getting Money & Credit Straight (Keynote)
  • A Holistic Approach for Getting Your Money & Your Credit Straight (Keynote)
  • The Money Makeover: Renew Your Relationship with Money (Keynote)
  • The Financial Reality Check: A Holistic Approach for Clients and Coaching Professionals (Keynote)
  • Financial First Aid (Keynote) Don’t Block the Financial Flow (Moderator)
  • Women & Money (Panel)
  • Real Solutions for Real Women (Panel)
  • Recession-Proof Your Life: Real Advice on Managing Your Money (Panel)
  • Money Matters: What Every Woman Needs to Know (Panel)
  • Set For Life: Your Fast Track to Financial Control (Panel)
  • Leaving A Legacy: Intergenerational Asset Management (Panel)

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