“A must-have guide for any woman who wants to have power over her money. Warmth, energy, and financial savvy radiate from every page.”

- David Bach, New York Times bestselling author of The Automatic Millionaire and Start Late, Finish Rich

Get Get Your Credit Straight

Girl, Get Your Credit Straight

Filled with Bridgforth’s warmhearted wisdom and advice, and complete with worksheets, affirmations, and inspiring stories of African American women who’ve restored their credit and built new wealth.

Girl, Get Your Credit Straight! is a fresh, empowering guide for any woman who wants to say goodbye to debt — for good.

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Girl, Make Your Money Grow

Girl, Make Your Money Grow

Girl, Make Your Money Grow! presents a step-by-step plan to help you clear away debt, create new streams of income, and buy prime real estate.

You will learn to map out a personalized plan for retirement, and build an investment portfolio that’s right for you using bonds, mutual funds, and blue-chip stocks to lower your risk without sacrificing profits.

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Girl, Get Your Money Straight

Girl, Get Your Money Straight

Bridgforth teaches her readers that they can get their finances under control, no matter what shape their bank account is in right now.

With this message of self-reliance and potential, Girl, Get Your Money Straight is a hip, honest, and engaging road map for black women to find (and fund) a life they love.

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Glinda Recommends:
The Basic Money Management Workbook

The new, abridged version of The Basic Money Management Workbook is an essential companion to the Girl! book series and a great stand alone tool. Glinda's clients use the worksheets found in this workbook in their coaching sessions to help them take control of money and achieve financial health. The workbook provides:

  • An Introduction to the Importance of Spending Plans
  • A Step-by-step Guide to Creating a Spending Plan
  • Sample Planning and Tracking Sheets
  • Blank Daily, Monthly, and Annual Spending Plan Worksheets

Workbook Details:

Format: Downloadable e-book (.pdf)
Price: Only $6.95
Publisher: Bridgforth Financial
Language: English
Access: Immediately downloadable following Paypal purchase


"Being a commissioned salesperson, I had a belief system that it was impossible to stay on budget because I never knew what money might be coming in. As I learned to manage my money with your workbook, I never felt deprived, and I learned to live within my means for the first time in my life."

- Melissa Lyckberg - Real Estate Agent


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